Well Hello There! Thanks for checking out my new blog.

Now I must admit, I’m new to this. This is a wonderful hobby, and a great way to express my thoughts on the world around me as I see it. Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little quirky, and sometimes my views can go all the way in left field. That’s why I named this blog, The Wonderful World of Trin.

So here’s a little about me…

My name is Trinity, and I am a thirty something professional navigating the world of dating, family, and friends,  all the while searching for ways to make my time on this earth count. I was born and raised in Mississippi. I am the youngest of three daughters, and was raised by a wonderful, God fearing mother.

I hold degrees from The University of Southern Mississippi, University of West Alabama, and Mississippi State University. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Qualified LPC-Supervisor, Approved Clinical Supervisor, and Licensed School Counselor. I currently work in the field of mental health, and I’m definitely about that No Kids Multiple Streams of Income Life.

***Let me stop right here and give this disclaimer***

This blog is about me. Trinity. I’ll try my best not to put on my therapist hat, but if I haphazardly do, please forgive me. It’s almost second nature.These are just my thoughts. Most of them are random, and that’s why I developed a complete section titled randomness.

Since I ponder on so many thoughts, I thought it would be cool to have another section titled things that make you go hmmm. There’s so many things that make me go hmmm? What about you?

Get ready to see life through my eyes. You might be a little shocked, amazed, or amused after you see the world according to me. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Trin!!!